Mattias Elftorp's

2nd ed. Cover by Susanne Johansson
Story, art and design by Mattias Elftorp
72 pgs, b/w
Published by C'est Bon Kultur.


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ISBN: 978-91-976528-3-4 (2nd ed)
ISBN: 91-974765-3-6 (1st ed)

From the introduction:
»Imagine a world consisting entirely of buildings and maybe a glimpse now and then of the sky, but you can never see the stars. Imagine a world without war. Then imagine finding out that there’s something more. Something outside, and you can go there. This is my story.«



Originally published in C'est Bon 7, 10 & 11. Collected as a graphic novel in 2004. Reprinted in new format in 2007.

Set a year after Information Wants to be Free, we follow Pirate and Information as they rejoin the fight for freedom in the City that's become synonymous with the world to its inhabitants. Back in the free and illegal flow of information after a year without it, Pirate and Information are almost overwhelmed, but that's ok. It's part of the high. Technograph visits the old people in the desert outside the city, and a whale passes through the City's airspace.

This all leads up to an event of great importance for the resistance. It is the beginning of something new. A seed for the future.

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»Mattias Elftorp's stories are dark, nervy, fine, and edgy, as is his artwork. However as dark as the post-apocalyptic world he envisions appears to be, it is a world full of promise.«
Carol Swain

My Random Rambling Thoughts (not really a review, but still...)

From the
INFOTRIP is a graphic novel by Mattias Elftorp that I read (and then somehow lost) in Copenhagen the other day. It’s postfuture science fiction with an art style that seems to me to combine Brian Wood with Ben Templesmith, to jagged, hate-ridden, nervous effect. I really like it, and I’m pissed off that my copy got mislaid. I insist you look through his website at the link above - we talked briefly, very nice guy - and the direct link to the Infotrip page is here, which includes a PDF sample of the work.

From the Sélection officielle du 32e festival international de la bande dessinée Angoulême 2005:
Publié par les éditions »C'est Bon Kultur«, ce libre est en fait un véritable album de Science-Fiction, assez expérimental, mais ambitieux dans le propos: inventer et explorer un monde où l'histoire s'est arrêtée aux portes de la virtualité. C'est bon Cyberkultur.

From BTJ häfte 9 2005:
"albumet är utfört i svartvitt i en stil som påminner om Dave McKean, som illustrerar Neil Gaimans grafiska romaner.
Det finns en del intressanta inslag av kollage, och Elftorp kan konsten att berätta en historia där bild och text harmonierar."
Lektör: Pål Eggert

A gnarly, scratchy, information paranoia comic from Finland. Pdf preview on site and link to online shop. Kind of Neuromancer meets Noir by way of Lazarus Churchyard.

(I'm not really from Finland, but still...)