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Political theory,
filtered through autobiography,
masked as fiction
in the form of
cyberpunk postapocalypse...

Inspiration/provocation blog

Get Piracy is Liberation here:

»Strange and disturbing and beautiful.«
Ho Che Anderson

»an art style that seems to me to combine Brian Wood
with Ben Templesmith, to jagged, hate-ridden, nervous effect.
I really like it, and I’m pissed off that my copy got mislaid.«

Warren Ellis

»Courageous and effective.
Simplicity justified by desperate
need for expression.«

Danijel Zezelj

»Mattias Elftorp’s comics will draw you in with their almost
manga-like and magnetic storytelling. It’s a rare treat to find
such a work of art so highjy personal, uncompromising and
with such frantic intensity.«

Åsa Ekström

»Elftorp actually does several things I haven't read or seen before,
which is impressive as the whole post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk genre
has been flogged to death many times over, as far as I'm concerned.
But it's the genuine feeling of the political convictions pulsating
thorugh Piracy is Liberation that keeps my interest going and that
is what will make me keep reading in the future.«

Fredrik Strömberg

»Mattias Elftorp's stories are dark, nervy, fine, and edgy,
as is his artwork. However as dark as the post-apocalyptic world
he envisions appears to be, it is a world full of promise.«

Carol Swain

»There's a subtle 'Fuck you' to everything [Mattias Elftorp does]«
Chris Hogh

»Kind of Neuromancer meets Noir by way of Lazarus Churchyard«

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