Violence exhibition
September 16 - October 17 at Panora, Malmö.

–an exhibition about police violence-

Opening: Tuesday Sept. 16th 1500–1900.

This is an exhibition of the story called Violence (which will be published in Piracy is Liberation 006: Violence). It is also a comment on the political climate in Malmö.

Police are sent in by social democrats against constitutionally protected actions taken by the union. They force children up against the wall, accusing them of crimes they couldn’t possibly have committed, simply because they look like immigrants.

Time and again, the police prove that they aren’t here to protect us but to control, to hold anyone back who dares to stray outside of the norms of what it’s supposed to mean to be Swedish.

The exhibition is dedicated to Malmö 26, the 26 who were indicted for being on the picket line against a sushi restaurant at Lilla Torg in Malmö.

Organizers: C’est Bon Kultur & Folkets Bio Malmö

Recommended listening: Chu Ishikawa - Gegensatz (from the Sôseji/Gemini OST)...

The prints are for sale: 500 SEK each. Order.