Piracy is Liberation @ Kafé 44
April 26 - May 10 at Kafé 44, Stockholm.

Exhibition with images from PIRACY IS LIBERATION at Kafé 44 during Stockholm Internationella Seriefestival!
Also the release event for Piracy is Liberation vol 01: Only Sinners Disobey

Opening 12-15, April 26

Anarchist science fiction / cyberpunk postapocalypse in a future city where Capitalism has become religion. The desert anarchists have killed all the other gods but the city is controlled by priests and masters ruling with the iron fist of the police. The inhabitants of the city don't know that there's anything outside or that things have ever been different, but a small anarchist cell has big plans...

Mattias Elftorp has so far made 11 books in the series and exhibits comics pages and images in connection to the release of the collection of the first 6 books: ONLY SINNERS DISOBET. It's political theory, filtered through autobiography masked as fiction in the form of a cyberpunk postapocalypse. Escapism has its uses, but science fiction is at its best when it says something about today.

The opening between 12-15 on Friday is non-alcoholic, but if you bring something to drink we can go afterwards to find a piece of grass where we can all get drunk before going to the next thing. See you there!

Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival @ Facebook, where the books were also be sold at the Wormgod/Tusen Serier table.